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Embodied Mindfulness

Donna Martin

Donna is from Kamloops, BC, Canada, and is a certified Hakomi therapist and international trainer who worked closely with Ron Kurtz (the creator of the Hakomi Method) for twenty years. She was named in his will as one of seven “legacy holders” of his work and is a senior person in the international training association he created before his death, now called the Hakomi Network. Donna has many years of experience as a body psychotherapist, stress management specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, and addictions counsellor. Donna has led Hakomi trainings and/or yoga retreats throughout Canada and the United States, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, South America, and Mexico. She has developed an original approach she now calls “psoma yoga therapy” which integrates yoga and Hakomi (mindfulness-based assisted self-discovery).

Roland Bérard

Hakomi practitioner and trainer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Roland Bérard is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer. He has been studying with Donna Martin, Ron Kurtz and Greg Johanson, since 2002. In 2003, in collaboration with Donna Martin, he introduced Hakomi to the Montreal area and has assisted Donna and served as organizer of these bilingual trainings for the last 6 years. He continues to support the Hakomi community in the area.

Roland is also a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner and teacher training programs, a graduate of Core Energetics, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Fasciatherapist (Danis Bois’ Method) and a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Roland worked as an engineer and project manager for over 25 years before making the career change to therapist and healing practitioner in 2001.

Roland is totally bilingual and has a private practice in Montreal, Québec, Canada. His passion for healing and his unique way of combining these different approaches help his clients move towards health and well-being.

Georgia Marvin

Georgia is a Hakomi practitioner, senior trainer and legacy holder. Georgia trained in the Hakomi tradition with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin since 2000. She loves the Hakomi method because it blends subtle and masterful tools of modern sciences of the mind with Buddhist principles of mindfulness and compassion to provide its students with a life-long practice of self study. Georgia leads the training team in Vancouver, BC, has contributed to the development of Hakomi trainings worldwide, and is helping establish the Hakomi Education Network as an international organization. Her intention is to mentor new teachers and trainers to carry forward Ron’s legacy.

Angela Davis

Angela has been studying Hakomi since 2004 with the Vancouver Hakomi Education Network and has also had the honour of learning from Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin. She was certified as a Hakomi therapist in 2007 and as a Hakomi Trainer in 2015.

In her life and in her work, Angela has been cultivating a deeper understanding of the Hakomi principles. This grounds her as she balances the pursuit of academic knowledge with other ways of knowing. Supporting VHEN as a trainer and supporting the growth of Hakomi in the world continues to be a joy and vital endeavor for Angela. She holds a Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality degree and has a private Hakomi practice in Kamloops BC.

Hersh Gottheil

Hersh has been a practicing counsellor and therapist since 1987. He holds a Certificate in Adult Education and Counselling from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where he trained in Psychosynthesis, Group Process and Art Therapy. In 1988 he moved to Ashland Oregon and trained with Ron Kurtz for six months. Meditation is also part of his life. Hersh is a Certified Hakomi Trainer, works with individuals, couples and groups and teaches in Hakomi trainings. His home is in Saint-Sauveur Quebec (where the road ends and the forest begins) where he lives with his wife Danielle, practices a mindful relationship with nature and collaborates teaching The Hakomi Method.

Susan Dempsey

Hakomi practitioner and trainer in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, Canada and she is associated with Vancouver Hakomi Education Network.

Susan Dempsey became a certified Hakomi practitioner in 2014 after studying for 5 years in Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, Ashland, Hawaii, and Mexico with brilliant teachers and trainers. She holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counselling Psychology, and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor.

Susan has worked in the counseling and psychotherapy field for over 25 years, in community and post-secondary settings. She brings a strong intuitive and elective approach to her work, incorporating the compassion and wisdom of Hakomi into her practice.

Danielle Laferrière

Danielle graduated from Fine Art School of Montreal in 1969 and worked in the field of Graphic Arts for 15 years.

Her path led her to osteopathy where she graduated and focussed as a body-mind therapist and a teacher of mindfulness. Danielle has taught Qi Gong and Chinese Energetic for over 30 years. She is a certified Hakomi therapist and Trainer, mentored by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin. She sees the Hakomi method as a thread that ties oriental wisdom with current western appreciation of how the mind and body relate. She feels this relationship of east and west supports accessing our best qualities and helps us express our power and nourish our capacity to heal.

Bob Milone

Bob began studying with Ron Kurtz, creator of the Hakomi Method, in 1993, and worked closely with him until his death in 2011. Bob was named in Ron’s will as one of seven “legacy holders” of his work. He is a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and Senior Hakomi Trainer who teaches internationally leading trainings and workshops in Canada, Israel, the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., and Ireland. He also works in private practice with individuals and couples.